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Kitiiinn Blessings

"Bless this Face" Oil

"Bless this Face" Oil

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Bless your FACE with our light weight oil that gives you the ultimate glow!

Bless This FACE provides skin with rich nourishment. If you want to brighten your own day, as well as those around you, get lit with Bless This FACE oil. Multi use as well. 

 P.S : Try the oil before you put your make-up on...its smooth.

BENEFITS: Charged with Amethyst to promote spiritual connection, cellular regeneration, and to calm the skin. Reiki infused for extra healing. Anti-aging properties and nourishing to skin.


Contains: Organic Apricot Kernel (Nourish), Organic Grape Seed (Strengthen), Carrot Seed (Repair), Lavender (Calm), Clary Sage (Stabilize), Frankincense (Smooth), Lemon (Brighten). 

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