Crown Chakra Crystal Elixir; Reiki & Full Moon Charged; Gem Essence
Crown Chakra Crystal Elixir; Reiki & Full Moon Charged; Gem Essence

Crown Chakra Crystal Elixir

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This listing is for one 1 oz bottle of crown chakra crystal elixir.

Crystal elixirs are an infusion of crystal energy. Our crown chakra elixir assists in balancing the crown chakra and keeping your energy flowing. These elixirs are charged with Auralite 23 and Clear Quartz under the full moon and sun for a full day and infused with Reiki energy and intentions specific to the crown chakra.

**Auralite 23 calms the mind and deepens meditation. Connects one to higher dimensions and enhances metaphysical abilities.**
**Clear Quartz provides clarity and purpose and allows us to see the broader meaning in everyday events. At a spiritual level, this crystal raises energy to the highest possible level.**

Symptoms of imbalanced crown chakra: Depression and mental fog, Chronic fatigue, Migraines and other chronic headaches, Greed and materialism, Sensitivity to light and sound, Neurological or endocrine disorders, Boredom and frustration, A sense of elitism or unearned accomplishment

USES: 4 drops under the tongue or in water, 4 times a day. You can also add a few drops of crystal elixirs to your bath, room sprays, or blended with essential oils of your choice. These are potent so you might need less to get the best benefits. Use what works best for you.

Our elixirs are charged using an indirect method which makes them safe to ingest. They are preserved with a small amount of gluten free alcohol.

Our crystal elixirs are not FDA approved and we do not claim to cure any cause, condition, or disease. We only provide suggestions based on our training and knowledge. Crystals are intended as spiritual supports to healing.