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Mystic Mindfulness: July 28th (HEALING THE WITCH WOUND)

Mystic Mindfulness: July 28th (HEALING THE WITCH WOUND)

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"Mystic Mindfulness" is a guided meditation experience that typically takes place on the final Sunday of each month from 5:15-6:15pm EST at our storefront in Hilliard, OH. (Although if you can’t join us in person, the audio can be sent to you after the fact! Select the "Virtual Ticket" option below, and I'll email you the playback once everything's said & done.)

Our next journey together will be Sunday, July 28th at 5:15pm EST.

Every month has a different theme, and this next meditative journey will focus on healing the Witch Wound, clearing religious trauma, and embracing your ability to shine brightly with your spiritual gifts without fear for your life or fear of judgment! 

We all know about the Witch Trials that happened in Europe and the USA in the past. Some of may have had past lives that revolved around or featured these heinous acts of injustice.

But because we all know that this happened, that knowledge, pain, and injustice is stored in the collective unconscious, and we all carry a bit of that trauma even if we never had a past life connected to those times.

We all know that people in the past were killed for being spiritually different, and sometimes that awareness can unconsciously (or consciously!) block us from feeling safe to expand into our own spiritual gifts in this timeline.

This guided meditation is going to help unravel those fears, soothe those anxieties, and heal that "Witch Wound" that so many of us carry. We'll connect with any past lives related to the Witch Trials, but we'll also tap into a bit of energetic clearing for any religious trauma we might carry from this now moment & present lifetime. 

Ultimately, this energy healing & clearing will open the way for you to shine more confidently with the light of your spiritual gifts, and it will also be able to bring together loose ends and karmic ties that might keep parts of your soul fixated on or stuck in the past. 

This guided meditation is near and dear to my heart, and performing this energetic labor on myself is part of what allowed me to re-birth myself with my gifts more clearly in tact over the last few years! I can't wait to share it with you <3


We'll begin with 10 minutes of brief introduction to the journey and grounding practices, we'll move through 40 minutes of guided meditation, and we'll end with 10 minutes of intentional journaling to be able to integrate the journey through our own consciousness. The experience is one hour in total.

For each guided meditation experience, you're encouraged to bring:

- a journal and pen / pencil
- a comfortable cushion, pillow, and/or yoga mat to sit on
- a crystal or two that's aligned to ground you and/or help you boost the journey
- a water bottle for hydration during the experience

We will journey together, but part of the magic of this meditation space is that we're each going to have our own experiences in a supportive, shared space.

After the meditation has ended, you're encouraged to spend the next 24-48 hours sitting with the archetypes that came through without asking anyone else what a single thing meant. These symbols are for you, and they came from you for a reason. The journaling portion at the end of the experience is meant to help you start integrating the codes, and if -- after the next 48 hours -- you still have burning questions that haven't been answered by your inner and higher selves, you're welcome to bring your questions or confusions to Sam who will be more than happy to assist.

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