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Find Me In The Stars

Psychic Re-Activation Playtime - October 2nd (PSYCHIC PROTECTION)

Psychic Re-Activation Playtime - October 2nd (PSYCHIC PROTECTION)

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Monday, October 2nd 6-8pm - In Person @ Brewing Intuition:
Psychic Protection (Establishing Psychic Boundaries & Ensuring Safe Spiritual Work)

Our next meeting of “Find Your Gifts: Psychic Re-Activation Playtime” will take place on the first Monday of October: the 2nd from 6-8pm EST. And at this meeting, we’ll be talking about how to ensure you're protected when you're doing work with spirits in ritual, spellcraft, and divination -- as well as how to keep good psychic boundaries with others who are content to keep you stuck, stagnant, or small (human or otherwise).

Many beginners to the Craft often wonder about how to engage with spirituality while ensuring that they're keeping away the wrong kinds of spirits. This workshop will help you learn to connect to only those spirits who are committed to your growth, healing, and ascension. 

Outside the Craft, working with spirits, and connecting to your Spirit Team, there's also the matter of other humans who are messing with your spiritual truth and highest embodiment. Some call these people psychic vampires, although sometimes they're just toxic friends or people we need to establish firm boundaries with. This workshop is also aligned to assist you in gathering energetic & physical tools that can help you set up those boundaries and maintain them over time so that you can step into your highest embodiment without fear, doubt, or guilt.

This workshop promises:
1) to teach you about grounding & energy shielding practices you can use daily to cleanse & strengthen your aura;
2) to help you learn how to assess a spirit's energy and tell whether it's safe & positive, questionable & trickster-ish, or dangerous & negative;
3) to address some traditional physical tools that can be brought into every ritual for protection (and heightened efficacy with your spellwork!);
4) to provide a few tips & tricks that can help you trust the power of your voice when setting verbal intentions in ritual, for intuitive work, and otherwise; and
5) to give you some energetic tools that can help you identify psychic vampires hidden in plain sight!

Because the fact of the matter is that we all deserve to feel connected to our Spirit Teams without fear of infiltration by "bad energies" or the wrong types of spirits. We also all deserve to tap into our spiritual gifts without wondering if we're calling in something evil. 

And, of course, we all could use a little assistance harnessing our power and putting up boundaries when people are abusing our light. This workshop will share tools that can absolutely help you feel lit, directed, purposeful, and spiritually safe. 

If you have any questions about this workshop, please message us to make sure it's a good fit. If you're ready to tap into your psychic shield, sword, and armor with us, we look forward to seeing you there!


FYI: For those purchasing virtual tickets, this workshop will NOT be recorded, out of respect to those present in the workshop space and out of courtesy to the creator’s work. You will need to be present in the Zoom Room at the time of the workshop itself in order to experience the event. 

Please email Sam ( once you’ve placed your order so that they can send you the Zoom link.

Thank you so much for understanding!!!! Looking forward to feeling you there!


Through a mixture of energetically protecting the space, sharing our experiences, playing psychic games, and learning left-brain facts, we’ll activate these gifts in one another and emerge feeling a stronger connection to our intuition than we’ve possibly ever felt before.

Bring yourself as you are, your questions, a notebook if you’re a note-taker, and perhaps a crystal ally to keep you grounded! Looking forward to getting weird with you there!

“Find Your Gifts: Psychic Re-Activation Playtime” is a monthly workshop geared towards those over the age of 18 that will be a safe & protected space where we can work on developing our intuitive strengths together. There will be group meditations, intuition tests, psychic games, and deep dives into themes including but not limited to: the “clairs,” feeling your spirit guides, getting grounded, “subtle energy” work, automatic writing, shadow work, and psychic protection.

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