Raw Blue Kyanite
Raw Blue Kyanite
Raw Blue Kyanite

Raw Blue Kyanite

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Blue Kyanite activates, clears, and aligns all of the chakras. It is an extremely high vibrational crystal that connects you to higher dimensions & beings. This makes it an excellent tool for meditation or any sacred space. Blue kyanite is a great support while working on developing your intuition and psychic gifts. This is a very soothing, calming crystal that also aids in communication and mental clarity.

Kyanite is a very flaky and fragile crystal. Pieces are packed and shipped carefully but small pieces flaking off is normal.

  • Chakra Cleansing & Aligning
  • Opens communication with higher beings
  • Restful Sleep

Chakra: All

Element: Water, Spirit

Zodiac: None

Location: Brazil