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The Witch's Bath

Sage Bath Bomb: Sage It Away

Sage Bath Bomb: Sage It Away

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Banish bad vibes and cleanse your body and mind with my new Sage Bundle bath bomb- Sage It Away. Each sage bath bomb contains paolo santo and sage oil with black embed inside the tip of the sage bomb, I recommend holding your bomb just on top of the water, and as it activates you can “light” your sage bundle bath bomb in your bath water! 

Scent: White Sage and Paolo Santo- earthy, smoky, sweet, incense



Bath bomb base ( sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, bubble powder SLSA)

Rice bran oil

Fragrance and EO blend

Bath bomb hardener 

Polysorbate 80

Distilled Water

Green dye

Yellow 5 lake

Black dye (on the inside)


 Blue 1 lake

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