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"Scratch & Itch" Herbal Salve

"Scratch & Itch" Herbal Salve

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Based on two simple ingredients, herbal infused oil and beeswax, salves provide powerful relief for a variety of ailments. Reach for ‘Scratch & Itch’ Herbal Salve to help soothe itchy skin and irritations. 

🐝 Contains an ingredient made by bees
🚫 Essential oil free

Got an itch that just can't be scratched? How about that passing rash that always seems to pop up when a major deadline approaches and never quite seems to go away? 'Scratch & Itch' Herbal Salve is here to assist in all your skin-soothing needs. While all salves are designed to soothe our skin to a certain degree, this amped-up calendula salve is specifically designed to knock out those skin-crawling sensations that accompany having sensitive skin, as well as itching from rashes or irritated skin.


INGREDIENTS: *Sunflower and *Olive Oil infused with *Lavender, *Calendula, and *Rosemary, Yellow Beeswax, and *Vitamin E Oil. (*organic)

SUGGESTED USE: For dry itchy skin, rashes, and other skin irritations.

SIZE: Comes in 1 oz. (28g) reusable tin.

⚠️ This product is not intended to be used on open wounds. This information is for education purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

✔️ All-natural ingredients.
❌ No synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or additives.
✔️ Essential oil free.
❌ Never tested on animals.
✔️ Inspired by botanicals and their natural abilities.

❤️ Made in small batches with love ❤️

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