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Star Seed Crystal Elixir

Star Seed Crystal Elixir

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*This is a Pre-Order. Your elixir will be created under the May 7th Full Flower Moon and shipped out along with your crystal the following week*

When you receive a Star Seed elixir, you will also receive the Lemurian crystal that it was made from.

Lemurian crystals contain messages of healing and enlightenment from ancient civilizations, other worlds, and other realms in their unique grooves and etchings.

Lemurian crystals have the ability to tune you into your soul, giving your information to help you to better align with your purpose or heal past life trauma. These messages are also helpful in resolving current day situations, helping you see the larger picture and receive guidance. 

Our Star Seed elixir is made for YOU. This elixir is intended to allow you to more efficiently access the needed messages and efficiently integrate them into your life.

Each Star Seed elixir is charged individually with it's own Lemurian crystal that you will also receive. These elixirs are charged under the full moon and sun for a full day and infused with Reiki energy and intentions specific to the user being able to receive the messages they need.

Recommended Uses: This elixir is intended to be used for meditation or dream purposes. You can use it for meditations with your Lemurian crystal to access those specific messages or to amplify the messages received in any other meditation that you do. If you have a hard time meditating, this is an excellent elixir to take before bed to receive messages in your dreams. Just place the matching Lemurian crystal by your bed or under your pillow. We recommend 3-5 drops prior to meditating or before going to sleep.

You will receive 1 intuitively selected Lemurian crystal and a 1oz bottle of elixir made with that crystal. Photos are a representation of the type and size of crystal you will receive.
Our elixirs are charged using an indirect method which makes them safe to ingest. They are preserved with a small amount of gluten free alcohol.
This listing is for a 1oz bottle.

Our crystal elixirs are not FDA approved and we do not claim to cure any cause, condition, or disease. We only provide suggestions based on our training and knowledge. Crystals are intended as spiritual supports to healing.

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