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Theresa Reed

Tarot for Kids

Tarot for Kids

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Finally a Tarot deck for kids! Yay!

Tarot for Kids is a beautiful Tarot deck especially for littles ones, ages 8 and up.

Give this deck to your child. Watch their eyes light up and imagination ignite.

Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck and illustrated with the lush, vibrant art of Kailey Whitman, this is the perfect starter deck for kids. Grown-ups will love it, too.

Tarot is a great way to:

  • Spark curiosity, creativity, and imagination.
  • Do story-telling games and build verbal skills.
  • Teach kids how to trust their instincts and intuition.
  • Support kids in setting goals and creating the future they want.
  • Help kids express themselves and talk about difficult topics (arguments with friends, bullying at school, feeling lonely) in a safe and empowering way.
  • Show kids that you have choices in every moment—and you can choose to be a hero.
  • Get kids away from the phone, tablet, and TV! Tarot is a screen-free, unplugged activity that the whole family can do together.
  • Grown-ups? This deck is for you, too. Connect with your inner child, worry less, and play more.

Why you’ll love Tarot for Kids:

  • Complete package. Includes 78 card deck, guidebook, and everything you need to start learning Tarot.
  • Gorgeous artwork depicting diverse kids from all cultures and backgrounds.
  • Age-appropriate cards. No scary or sexual overtones. For example, the traditional “Death” card has been turned into the “Change,” and the “Lovers” card is “Best Friends.”)
  • And yes—it’s a *real* Tarot deck! Traditional decks have 78 cards with a combination of Major and Minor Arcana cards. Tarot for Kids follows the classic 78 card format. It’s a true Tarot deck (not a dumbed-down version) which means grown-ups will love it, too.
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