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The Basics of A Witch’s Craft - June 24th (ASTROLOGY, pt. 2)

The Basics of A Witch’s Craft - June 24th (ASTROLOGY, pt. 2)

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Monday, June 24th, 6-8pm @ Brewing Intuition:
Part 2 of Astrology & the Witch's Craft (Stars and Constellations)

In June, we finish our two-part series about how Astrology can be used to strengthen a Witch's Craft! This month will be about the stars and the powerful archetypal energy of the constellations on the Zodiac Belt that create so much of our personality.

As we lean into the teachings of the planets this month, we'll focus specifically on these facets of Astrology in Witchcraft:

a) the unique power of the stars and how their magic has been harnessed for Witchcraft of all sorts across history;

b) how the stars come together as asterisms and create the constellations of our Zodiac Belt;

c) an introduction to the primary 12 constellations and the magic present within each one;

d) different ritual options to work with the seasons of the stars; and

e) a little bit about the other constellations that exist in our skies (there are 88 of them, according to the IAU -- International Astronomical Union!), the roles they play in your Natal Chart that are often overlooked; and how to work with them for your magical practice as well!

The goal for this flow is to provide each of us with knowledge about what Star Magic can look like, and it'll allow you to see whether or not using this tool in ritual will resonate with you in your personal relationship with your Craft!

We’ll begin by addressing our questions about the topic and end with a round of mini personalized chart readings to help you feel empowered to carry this knowledge with you into the mundane world and beyond!

Bring yourself as you are, a copy of your Natal Chart (or at least the details of your birthdate, time, and place so we can look it up!), your questions, a notebook if you’re a note-taker, and perhaps a crystal ally to keep you grounded! Looking forward to making magic with you there.



FYI: For those purchasing virtual tickets, this workshop will NOT be recorded, out of respect to those present in the workshop space and out of courtesy to the creator’s work. You will need to be present in the Zoom Room at the time of the workshop itself in order to experience the event. 

Please email Sam ( once you’ve placed your order so that they can send you the Zoom link.

Thank you so much for understanding!!!! Looking forward to feeling you there!


Many people who enter the shop are intrigued by the tools we offer but don’t know where to start. This monthly course is great for such beginner witches and intermediate practitioners of the Craft, and it’s called “You Are Magic: The Basics of A Witch’s Craft.” We’ll touch on a different theme each month, ranging from deity work to Spellwork – from divination to drawing down the moon – from ritual tools to altar setup! Every class will begin with your questions and end with a group ritual to help you feel empowered to try again on your own later. 

“For all of my workshops, you don’t need to attend every class or even consecutive classes in order to make the most of the magic – show up to the themes that feel right, and the intention is that you’ll never feel lost. It’s time to make our intuition fully accessible again so that we can make life ceremonial again. We’ll meet at Brewing Intuition from 6-8pm to work our magic. See you in the Community Circle!” ~Sam



A quick note about refunds:

If you are unable to attend and give us more than 24 hours notice, you're welcome to receive a refund or choose to put your ticket price towards a different workshop in our space.

Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance are NOT eligible for a refund. Thank you for understanding.

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