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Anne Louise Burdett and Chelsea Iris Granger

The Dirt Gems: Plant Ally Card & Book Set

The Dirt Gems: Plant Ally Card & Book Set

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This deck is a mirror and a reflection of your own unique awareness. It is a calling to the many selves that live in each of us, that are already connected to everything, that are speaking to all the animate life everywhere. Dirt Gems is a concentrated channel, a way to speak with your allies, the plants, the heroes of our world. Combining the elements, weather systems, alchemy, and energetic signatures, we have created a system for you to call out, to listen and to be answered. ​Dirt Gems is a collaboration between two dear friends and was inspired by their love for the earth and all the medicine and healing that it holds.

Dirt Gems Plant Ally deck has 65 cards and comes in a two part soft box. The guidebook is 163 pages long.

The cards measure 2.75 x 4.75 inches and the guidebook measures 4.65 x 7.65 inches.

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