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Winter Solstice Ritual Witches' Brew

Winter Solstice Ritual Witches' Brew

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For purification, protection, home blessings, and spiritual upliftment.

  • Boil as an aromatic simmer pot
  • Add a pinch to your home cleaning supplies
  • Roll or press onto an anointed candle
  • Pour out as an offering on a ritual or altar

Ingredients: dried citrus and apple, cinnamon sticks, juniper*, juniper berries, sage, peppermint, elderberries, Dead Sea salt, chamomile

* = Rather than including sprigs of other evergreens like pine or cedar, we chose Juniper so that when it’s boiled and simmered, it doesn’t leave a resinous ring in your pot afterwards. Easy cleanup and sacred intention is always our goal for your magic.

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