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Brewing Intuition

7 Day Ritual Candles

7 Day Ritual Candles

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These plain ritual candles are ready for you to infuse your own magic into. Each candle is designed to burn for seven days, making them perfect for extended rituals or spells. Use them to enhance your meditation, focus your mind, and manifest your desires.

Black: Protection, Banishing, Transformation, Mourning, Breaking Patterns

White: Cleansing, Healing, Connection to spirits, Dream Work, Moon Magic, Crown Chakra

Red: Action, Sexuality, Pleasure, Energy, Excitement, Root Chakra

Orange: New Beginning, Removing Blocks, Security, Creativity, Courage, Sacral Chakra

Yellow: Prosperity, Good Luck, Happiness, Confidence, Learning, Focus, Solar Plexus Chakra

Green: Abundance, Wealth, Career, Self Love, Contact with Fae & Nature Spirits, Fertility, Heart Chakra

Blue: Reconciliation, Peace, Meditation, Communication, Sleep, Trust, Ideas, Dream Work, Throat Chakra

Purple: Power, Psychic Ability, Authenticity, Justice, Transformation, Intuition, Divination, Third Eye Chakra

Pink: Love, Romance, Friendship, Self-Care, General Healing, Emotional Balance, Heart Chakra

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