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Brewing Intuition

7 Day Ritual Candles

7 Day Ritual Candles

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Plain Ritual candles ready for you to infuse your own magic into.


Black: Protection, Banishing, Transformation, Mourning, Breaking Patterns

White: Cleansing, Healing, Connection to spirits, Dream Work, Moon Magic, Crown Chakra

Red: Action, Sexuality, Pleasure, Energy, Excitement, Root Chakra

Orange: New Beginning, Removing Blocks, Security, Creativity, Courage, Sacral Chakra

Yellow: Prosperity, Good Luck, Happiness, Confidence, Learning, Focus, Solar Plexus Chakra

Green: Abundance, Wealth, Career, Self Love, Contact with Fae & Nature Spirits, Fertility, Heart Chakra

Blue: Reconciliation, Peace, Meditation, Communication, Sleep, Trust, Ideas, Dream Work, Throat Chakra

Purple: Power, Psychic Ability, Authenticity, Justice, Transformation, Intuition, Divination, Third Eye Chakra

Pink: Love, Romance, Friendship, Self-Care, General Healing, Emotional Balance, Heart Chakra

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