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This listing is for 1 piece of aegirine from Malawi in the size and quality of your choice.

"Select" quality pieces have a mix of higher natural luster and unique formations/clusters where "Standard" quality pieces may have more iron coating or be less whole.

Beautiful dark green, almost black in color, this crystal is surprising high vibrational.

This crystal is a potent aura protector and cleanser. It can be used daily but especially during energy work and rituals. Aegirine is known for being extremely detoxing physically as well. Placed on the abdomen or even just kept in your right pocket, it can boost your metabolism and aid in eliminating toxins.

Emotionally, this crystal is an energy booster. It aids in breaking out of the mundane, negative routines we get "stuck" in. It aids in eliminating negative thought patterns and behaviors and supports you through times when you are lacking self-love and confidence. It helps eliminate those self doubting thoughts that you know are not your own. A must have for empaths...or anyone really.

This is a great tool for energetic cord cutting.

Mini: <10g
Small: 10-19g
Medium: 20-29g
Large: 30-40g
Jumbo: 43-100g


We do not claim to cure any cause, condition, or disease. We only provide suggestions based on our training and knowledge. Crystals are intended as spiritual supports and entertainment.

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