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Tara Aal & Aswin Subramanyan

Astrology by Moonlight

Astrology by Moonlight

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Uncover New Depths of Yourself by Decoding Moon- Planet Cycles and Phases

Uniting Eastern and Western astrological approaches, this groundbreaking book takes you beyond static birth chart analysis and immerses you in the diverse power of the lunar phases. Tara Aal and Aswin Subramanyan reveal how the phasal relationships between the Moon and planets help you recognize your personal rhythms and find more meaning and purpose in everything you do.

Astrology by Moonlight presents each Moon-planet interaction—and each phase during that interaction—as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself. Start a new relationship or reignite a current one when Moon-Venus is in the new phase. Discover how Moon-Pluto in the balsamic phase helps you resolve issues of the past and move forward. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, Astrology by Moonlight offers illuminating insights for every step of your cosmic journey.

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