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Brass Hand Bell For Energy Clearing

Brass Hand Bell For Energy Clearing

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4.5" Solid Brass Hand Bell

Bells are a powerful method to cleansing and clearing your space AND your crystals.

The sound vibration shifts stagnant energy and increases the vibration, similar to smudge methods or singing bowls. This is useful when using in your sacred space, home, or even using directly for your aura. Just ring it around your crystals or space, especially in those easily forgotten corners.

Bells are also used in spirit work to get roaming spirits to move along as well as invoke the beings you wish to connect with, especially goddess energy.

It is recommended to keep a bell by your door and ring it as you return home to remove any clingy energy before entering your space.

These bells are composed of brass which holds it's own metaphysical properties and boosts the effectiveness of the cleansing intention. Brass is known to clear out the old and bring in the new. 





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