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Brewing Intuition

Black Walnut Hulls Organic

Black Walnut Hulls Organic

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  • Mental Clarity
  • Manifestation 
  • Protection

Botanical Name: Juglans nigra
Origin: United States

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Customer Reviews

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Erin Sepetauc
Excellent Black Walnut Hulls

My daughter has some respiratory issues, labeled as "reactive airway disease" - however, I know this is not accurate. I started searching for holistic options to help support and develop her immune system as a whole. I was with a friend, after an ER visit where she had breathing treatments and steroids. My super "crunchy" friend mentioned Black Walnut Hull tinctures, and how they support the immune system and do act as a "natural steroid" to help support her lungs. I immediately ordered some on Amazon, and it's been an amazing support for her!

I enrolled, recently, in an herbalism apprenticeship program - and I RAN to Brewing Intuition to grab some Black Walnut Hulls, so that I can make my own glycerides at home! I LOVE that i can make this myself, control my ingredients, and support my daughter's health.

The staff at Brewing Intuition is the absolute best! I love that I can get my herbs from someone I trust, and know that they're fresh and organic!