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Extra Large Self-Healed Smoky Quartz Points

Extra Large Self-Healed Smoky Quartz Points

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☆Extra Large Self-Healed Smoky Quartz Points from Brazil☆

This massive, natural piece is over 10lbs, self stands, and displays beautifully. It has a few internal rainbows and large self healed terminations on the bottom and sides.

Self healed features occur when a crystal breaks off the matrix it was growing on and genterates new growth at the breaking point, healing that fracture. These crystals teach us all about healing ourselves. Use in meditation, on your altar space, or by your bedside to absorb that knowledge and experience. This will accelerate and support you during your healing process. That healing could be emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual (including past lives).

Smoky Quartz is a wonderful grounding and centering stone that balances and unblocks the root/base chakra. It protects against negative and unwanted energy in your space and within your spiritual body. This is a great crystal to soothe negative feelings and aid in working together with other people. Smoky Quartz is a powerful manifestation tool, bringing your thoughts, goals, and dreams into reality. It's soothing and spiritual qualities make it a great meditation crystal as well.

10lbs 4oz
10" x 7" x 4.5"

Our products are not FDA approved and we do not claim to cure any cause, condition, or disease. We only provide suggestions based on our training and knowledge. Crystals are intended as spiritual supports to healing.

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