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Brewing Intuition

Hand-Hammered Copper Burn Bowl

Hand-Hammered Copper Burn Bowl

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Gorgeous 2" hand-hammered copper burn bowl made in India. These bowls are perfect for using as burn bowls with palo santo, sage, and other herbs. They make great offering bowls for sacred spaces and can also be used to charge crystals.

Considered the metal of the magician, copper is a powerful conductor of spiritual energy. It will boost the vibration of any action you are using it for, such as burning cleansing herbs, or any object it is touching. Because of the energy boost that copper provides, it makes an excellent tool to recharge and program crystals with.

We suggest placing some sand in the bottom prior to burning as these bowls can get hot. These are a hand-hammered item. The marks and coloring can vary from bowl to bowl.

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