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Kava Chai | Chai + Kava Honey Concentrate

Kava Chai | Chai + Kava Honey Concentrate

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Support the body’s stress response

Kava Chai is a cult favorite, and for a good reason! It’s the perfect caffeine-free coffee alternative that gets you out of your head and into your heart. It's calming and euphoric, giving you a natural high. Each jar contains ~60 servings with a medicinal dose of 230mg of kava per teaspoon, but that doesn't mean you have to limit your consumption. We like a stronger cup of chai and drink this at all hours. Don’t be afraid to play with different ratios to find the right amount of kava for your needs… there’s always more to go around!

An instant cup of calm

This herbal concentrate allows your mind and muscles to relax effortlessly, so you can use it to make a mocktail or drink it as a nightcap tea. Our Kava Chai was birthed from a desire to unite some of our most beloved Ayurvedic medicinal plants and the Pacific medicine of Kava root, creating a deliciously potent and soothing herbal chai that supports the body's innate stress response at home. Kava Chai makes a fantastic tea that aids your full body and mental capacities, from easing feelings of burnout to calming intrusive thoughts to elevating consciousness and helping you fall asleep faster.


  • Relieves muscle tension quickly

  • Improves gut health

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Promotes deep sleep

  • Calms intrusive thoughts

*9oz jar offers 50 servings

*4oz jar offers 20 servings

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