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Athena Laz

The Deliberate Dreamer's Journal

The Deliberate Dreamer's Journal

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This beautifully-designed journal filled with helpful tips on to how to recall, interpret, and record your dreams will serve as an excellent guide and companion on your dream journey.

What if it was possible to truly understand your dreams and unlock all the valuable wisdom they contain? In this companion to her groundbreaking book The Alchemy of Your Dreams, Athena Laz provides readers with a guided journal that will help them interpret their dreams for deeper self-knowledge and understanding. An essential bedside companion for the deliberate dreamer, The Deliberate Dreamer’s Journal includes:

    Thoughtful prompts that will help you easily recall each night’s dreams and plenty of space to record them.
    Checklists and exercises that will help you explore your dreams in greater depth
    A comprehensive thematic dictionary of common dream symbols
The Deliberate Dreamer’s Journal is the essential guide for both novice and expert dreamers looking to discover the power of dreams to inspire and enrich our lives.

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